#YCProject Short Film

#YCProject is a leadership project with a difference for young carers!

The #YCProject is a response to feedback from participants of the Carers NSW Young Carer Leadership Program that there is a need for a resource to reach out to isolated young carers. Funded by the Youth Opportunities Program, a team of Carers NSW Young Carer Leaders have developed, created and produced a short film to help raise awareness of young carers and to highlight the incredible contribution that carers make to the community.

Every aspect of the film was guided and led by young carers from creating the plot, to writing the dialogue, designing the characters, directing the film, and even down to the sound and acting! After months of hard work, we would like to introduce ****drum-roll please**** the #YCProject Short Film!


We now need your help to spread the word and share this film with the wider community! There are over 100,000 young carers in NSW and you can help us to work towards identifying and supporting them.

How can I help?

  • Spread the word by sharing the film on social media using #YCProject
  • Order free young carer resources for your school, uni, TAFE or workplace
  • Start a conversation about young carers in your local community

This film was funded by the Youth Opportunities Program and proudly created by Carer NSW Young Carer Leaders. A big THANK YOU to all the Carers NSW Young Carer Leaders who spent many hours creating this short film – you guys are amazing! For more information about the #YCProject or the Carers NSW Young Carer Program, please call 1800 242 636 or email yc@carersnsw.org.au.