#YCProject Behind the Scenes

Check out the behind the scenes footage of the #YCProject short film recording weekend! 


The #YCProject is a response to feedback from participants of the Carers NSW Young Carer Leadership Program that there is a need for a resource to reach out to isolated young carers. A team of Carers NSW Young Carer Leaders have developed, created and produced a short film to help raise awareness of young carers and to highlight the incredible contribution that carers make to the community.

Every aspect of the film was guided and led by young carers from creating the plot, to writing the dialogue, designing the characters, directing the film, and even down to the sound and acting! Watch the #YCProject short film here.

Footage was recorded by Young Carer Leaders Jasmine & Jayden and edited and produced by Jayden. The project was funded by the Youth Opportunities Program and proudly created by Carer NSW Young Carer Leaders.