Who Cares, Wins

Carers NSW latest initiative, Who Cares, Wins, is an awareness-raising project where senior school students across New South Wales can watch a Q&A-style panel presented by a Young Carer Leader of a similar age to them and facilitated by the Carers NSW Young Carer Team.  As part of this initiative, Young Carer Leaders are given an opportunity to share their experience as a carer with their peers, bringing to light the differences in their lives due to their caring role and raising the profile of young carers in schools.

By inviting us into your school, this panel will provide your students with the opportunity to learn more about young carers and will encourage them to be more inclusive and supportive of their peers who might be in a caring role.

This panel requires:

  • An audience of senior students, either at a school assembly or during a class, for 20 minutes to half an hour.
  • A staff member from your school who we can work closely with in setting up school supports for young carers, e.g. a school counsellor or a nominated teacher, and who can sit on the panel alongside our Young Carer Leader to answer questions about how the school can support young carers.

Who Cares, Wins will comprise of general information, the Young Carer Leader sharing their story, interactive activities to increase engagement and learning and allocated time for students to ask the panel questions.

To learn more about this exciting new project, please call (02) 9280 4744 or email [email protected] and speak with a Young Carer Project Officer today!

Who Cares, Wins is being funded through the NSW Government’s Youth Opportunities Program, which provides one-off, time-limited grants for youth-led and youth-driven community projects.

To nominate a school for Who Cares, Wins, please complete the form below: