Q: What is the registration process for the Young Carer Program?

A: The registration process is simple and free. The registration form can be completed over the phone or sent to the Young Carer Team via post, email or fax. Young carers can refer themselves or can be referred by other parties such as family, friends and service providers. Click here for more information…

Q: Do young carers need to be a primary carer to register?

A: No, young carers can be in a primary or secondary caring role. They also do not need to live with the person they care for to be eligible for support through our program.

Q: What happens after a young carer is registered?

A. Once the young person is registered, we will contact the family and young person and chat about their needs. With the family’s consent we will then link them in with local services that can assist with their caring role. The young person can receive our monthly YC e-Newsletter as well as opportunities to access day events, leadership programs, competitions, counselling and other supports which are appropriate for their age group.

 Q: Do you need parental consent?

A: We try to adopt a holistic family approach and parental consent is preferred. However if consent is an issue we still encourage young carers to contact us- the support available will be based on each individual situation. We can also speak with another family member (over the age 18) for consent e.g. an aunty, grandparent or older sibling.

Q: Is there an age limit for young carers to be eligible for your program?

A: Young carers 25 years and under are eligible for the program.

Q: Can you tell me more about the counselling service offered to young carers?

A: Carer Counselling is now provided through Carer Gateway by calling 1800 422 737 or visiting www.carergateway.gov.au. Click here for more information…

Q: Do you hold camps?

A: We have held camps for young carers in the past but, unfortunately, these are no longer running. We now work closely with other organisations who run young carer camps and refer young carers, when eligible.

Q: What is the Leadership Program?

A: The Carers NSW Young Carer Leadership Program was designed to give young carers a stronger voice in the community. Selected applicants were invited to Sydney for a 2 day workshop where they learnt leadership, media and presentation skills.

This program isn’t currently available, however we do offer different leadership opportunities to passionate young carers from across NSW. If you would like more information, please call (02) 9280 4744.

Q: Do you provide training for service providers/organisations?

A: Yes, we offer free Young Carer Awareness workshops to a range of service providers. As part of the workshop, we run a simulation called Through the Cracks which allows service providers to walk in the shoes of a young carer of a parent with dual diagnosis. Click here for more information…

Q: How do I find out more information?

A: Contact the Young Carer Team on (02) 9280 4744, we are happy to assist you. You might also like to explore our website which is full of up-to-date information for and about young carers.