Congratulations to our Young Carers Count Competition winners!

We had some fabulous entries come through for our Young Carers Count Competition this year, launched during National Carers Week 2017.  The quality of the submissions blew us away – we want to send a big big big thank you to everyone who participated, we think you are all superstars and we wish we had goodies to give each of you!

And now, for the big announcement – we are so excited to share our winning entries with you!  Congratulations to Torren for taking out the top prize, followed closely by Benjamin and Alexander’s video and Faith’s poem.

Check out their submissions below!

Torren – “Wait”


Benjamin and Alexander – “Young Carers: We make a difference”


Faith – “The Life of a Carer”

and feeling sorry for oneself.
Sometimes one crosses that line
into the plateaus of sorrow
and sometimes
they cross the other way
emerging into the
valleys of gratitude.

Such a description
is the life of a carer.
No two days are the same
in the life of a carer.
It’s impossible to predict
the ups and downs
in which you cannot tell
what will happen next.

Missed parties,
Missed gatherings,
Missed school days
Cooped up at home.
Endless, wistful musings of
“Why can’t my life be like hers?”
Slowly, loneliness creeps out
Of the soul’s bleak depths
Making one realise
How life could’ve been.

On the contrary,
opportunities for self growth
sprout at every turn
of this winding path.
It is then
an experience to be
thankful for
grateful for
as one blooms and grows
knowing the full capacity
of their inner strength

The uncontested
power of love
is realised within oneself.
Love is what conquers
love is what allows
the courageous carer
to overcome the flaws
of the person they care for.

The triumphs
and heartbreaks
meld together
to create a glorious tapestry
of smiles and tears
greatly enriching
the life of a carer.


Sometimes reading other people’s stories can make us feel many emotions including; inspired, sad or stressed. It is important that we all look after ourselves! Please remember that if you feel like having a chat about how you are feeling, you can contact the YC team on 1800 242 636.