My Mum Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

I’ll start out with, when I was three my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread to her limphnodes so they had to do a hysterectomy. Being so young I didn’t understand it, as I grew up I found out more about it and have grown close to my mum. I basically started caring for my mum as young as I could because my dad is a truck driver and wasn’t home often, to me this is normal. Then about 5 years after she was given the all clear, they told her she had relapsed but this time is was bone cancer, and then undertook chemo and radiation but it hasn’t done much. They gave her ten years, to this date she is still going strong. Cancer has changed me and made me the best I can be. My mum is defiantly by any means MY HERO!!! At this time mum has been told it has spread further and that it is now in alot of her bones and possibly other places. Iv cared for my mum not only because she is my mum but because she has been my inspiration and my will to live a big and happy life! I love you mum!!

– Young carer, age 18