I’m 19 Years of Age and I Care for My Mum

I’m 19 years of age and I care for my mum who has depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder. I’m currently studying pathology at TAFE and hoping in the future to become a forensic scientist.
I have been a young carer for a long time because my mum has been sick for a very long time. She needed someone to be there and I was that person. I didn’t have a choice but it has made me a better person in the long run.
Being a young carer I have had a lot of early mornings to get everyone ready for the day. This involved me getting 4 siblings up and dressed, making their breakfast and lunches before getting them to school. Once school was finished, that meant making sure they’d had an afternoon snack, were cleaned and changed – and then the night routine: dinner, showers, teeth, PJs, and then BED TIME!! This was my routine every day.
When my mum is really unwell it takes a lot out of my family but there are things to help make the situation better. It helps my mum when I just sit with her, this makes her feel like someone is there for her and can break her mind set. Making sure the house is in an OK state helps also, this encourages her out of her room and again helps with what she is thinking.
As young carers, it may seem like we all have been dealt a bad hand when having to look after the people we love but it makes us a better person in the end. We all have compassion and a loving heart, in the end it will get better.
– Young carer, age 19