I Wouldn’t Change My Life for Anything

In may of 2009 my mum was diagnosed with Burgess Disease. (a disease where bloodclots form in major arteries and prevent blood from flowing freely around the body).

As we come from a family with very little money we couldn’t afford an operation to correct the problem and my mum was advised to diet, exercise and quit smoking and the problem would naturally go away.


September the 12th 2009, i was out with friends enjoying life as a normal teenager, when upon returning to my friends house i was informed my mum suffered a stroke and was in hospital.

I rushed to the hospital to find my mum disorientated and very sick.

At age 44 my mothers life was turned upside down.

We were advised to say our goodbyes because it was predicted my mum wouldn’t live for more than 72hours. SHE SURVIVED!

Whilst in hospital my mum came down with pneumonia and almost lost her life again.

She stayed in hospital for 1 month after that paralysed on the right side, there was nothing else the hospital could do but send her to a rehab centre to work on getting better.

After a further 4months stay my mum was discharged and sent home.

Being only 20yearsold i’ve never been put in this type of situation before, i had 2 little siblings i had to take care of, and a mother who needed constant care. IT GETS HARD AT TIMES i’ll admit but i look at the situation this way for 19years my mum took care of me when i was ill and the only way i could repay her was if i did the same in return.

Its been a little over a year since my mum had her stroke and shes suffered several seizures as a result, and the progress my mum makes each day is little but at least its something.

I wouldn’t change my life for anything my mums become my one reason to live and each day my life is soo much better because im spending time with my best friend

– Young Carer aged 20