I Wish Sometimes They Can See What I See

In 2006 my mother was diagnosed with Liver failure and enlarged heart and throat cancer. Me and my stepfather travelled to Sydney which is 5 hours away. for 18 months . I missed alot of school but i still passed year 10 in 2007. She passed away in 2008 after an 18 month long fight with it all. Now i am living with my grandparents who are terminally ill and i care/wash/cook/clean for them as they are unable to. I Work fulltime around all this. They have there bad days and good days. but they get very frustrated alot and take it out on me. Its hard to see them like that. With as much as i have done I dont regret any of this because i am able to say I have been there for them just like they were there for me when i was little. i am quite mature for my age and have a supportive workplace and friends. I have depression as it is hard to watch people you love die. but i know i will get there and they are thankful. I see alot of people who treat there familys with no respect and i wish sometimes they can see what i see and that would wake them up.

– Young carer, 18 years