I love my family so much

I love my family so much. They love me just the same. But my family is different to other families. When my younger brother was born I was two years old. He was born deaf and with verbal dyspraxia. But luckily my family fought against these misfortunes and managed to get him talking and listening like anyone else. But when he was six years old he was diagnosed with Aspergers. I didn’t understand this at first because I was only eight at the time; I had no idea what it was or how it could affect my family’s future. When I first realised that this would have an effect on me was when he was repeating everything he heard while I was doing my homework. This swerved my concentration. I couldn’t see what the reason was for this. I got stressed and started to cry, then I realised that my brother is not going to get better. Sure he can get better with in the aspergers but he can’t get out of it. It was a tough time; my ballet helped me through these times. When I was born the doctors had to resuscitate me back to life several times. So they thought I was going to be in a wheel chair with no ability of movement or speech for the rest of my life. But I, most certainly showed them wrong; I was doing competitions in ballet. It saved me through the worst. It was something for me.

I have a sister as well, who is eight. She loves to sing and sports like netball and swimming. She also has learning difficulties and is trying to work through them. She tries to help too, but because she is eight prefers to just muck around. My baby brother was born when I was eleven years old. He was diagnosed with Autism at two. This was the start of the years that I became a full on young carer. I have to help take care of him a lot. He doesn’t act like other kids. He kicks and screams over small things and doesn’t understand others feelings. I would do what anybody would do with a child. Feed him, put him to sleep, teach him, play with him and of course love him. Life does become a bit of a pain because I do have to live my own life every once in a while. My parents are brilliant people. I would feel the worst if I didn’t help. My parents try their best to help my siblings; they just need that small third person to help out. I finished ballet the year my baby brother was born because I felt that my family needed the money and support to help my siblings through appointments. Whenever I feel like I’m just going to burst into tears it normally helps if I do something for myself. Like the computer (not always recommended), draw and basically do what I feel comfortable at the time.

The parts I look forward to the most is my brothers humour, my sisters sportiness and my baby brothers over enthusiasm. School is not a place of peace for myself. Since I suffer from dyslexia, school really reminds me of my flaws. How bad I am at such simple things. My dyslexia is high functioning but nerveless it still hurts me. The only two subjects I’m good at are art and drama. A good portion of my friends at school do not understand what is going on at home. Some people don’t even want to understand, they just think that I stress over nothing. But I’m very lucky to have my parents, my siblings and the young carers group because I know that they will be there for me. They teach me strength and give me comfort that I’m not the only one dealing with this problem.

Brittany aged 14