I Have a Sister Who’s Mentally Disabled

I have a sister who’s mentally disabled. There isn’t a known name to her condition, but basically she is 19 but has the mind of a 3 year old. She can’t talk but she can understand most things and make simple noises. She used to be allergic to a lot of things too but now her condition is better and she can eat more.

Last year our dad passed away from stomach cancer and I was pretty worried about what would happen to us, since our dad was the main source of income. I am a full time university student and still am. My mum is lucky to have “flexible” hours of working so she can work around the hours of when my sister goes to supervised work programs.

Surprisingly, its nearly been a year now that our dad has passed but things are getting back to normal. I love my sister very much even though at time it can be frustrating and I believe my family and I will be fine as long as we support each other.

– Young Carer, 20 yrs